Thread: What to sell?

Hi. I want to open my own business. I'm thinking of registering as a limited company. But I don't know what I want to do. What to sell?
You can open any LLC. Even a beauty salon, even a tourist company. But you shouldn't open a business. There must be a clear plan and a desire. I start an llc in pennsylvania The direction I chose wholesale trade, as it is always in demand. I opened a limited company together with other specialists, as I do not do business with friends and relatives. Now our company "Lord" is rapidly evolving.
I would advise opening something related to home appliances or cars. It's in demand and profitable.
For such things, special education is needed. If you think that it is difficult, then write down the contact because here you can find the most highly qualified specialists. Verified by me.
Thanks a lot for this amazing post. I suggest having a great time at Good luck