Thread: To purchase OSRS gold from a trustworthy site

It's safe to state that Bitcoin is gradually taking over the financial marketplace, and an increasing number of companies are accepting Bitcoin as payment. As you may know, Old School RuneScape gamers are mostly made up of the Gen Y generation or commonly called millennials, you might be part of that generation yourself. Now, most of these gamers are wanting to improve their gold cache fast. Gone are the days when farming OSRS golden was a valid option, together with family and work to worry about, the only choice most people have is to purchase OSRS gold from a trustworthy site.

Now, the fantastic news is most OSRS gold websites are now accepting Bitcoin payments. But for first-time buyers, you may still be wondering just how this process works. If you're interested in purchasing gold with Bitcoin? All you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain Bitcoins

Very similar to real-world cash, you have to find some bitcoins before you put your OSRS gold purchase. So how can you acquire bitcoin? Well, you just need to visit a site that sells one, most popular ones are Coinbase and Binance. Bitcoin has an equivalent number of real life money, therefore all you have to do is make the trade and get your Bitcoin wallet prepared to receive your bitcoins, you can use the one supplied to you by the web site you're going to be buying from or receive your own wallet from another company.

Measure 2: Head to the OSRS gold site

Once you buy your bitcoins, now you can visit the website that you'll be purchasing OSRS gold from. They're a well-respected RuneScape gold site which also provides OSRS accounts, things, and RuneScape memberships.

Once you're on the website, all you have to do is enter the OSRS gold amount that you will need to your RuneScape journey. The minimal gold which most sites accept is 5 Million OSRS gold. Don't worry a thousand gold is just worth $0.60 to $0.75, it varies per vendor though.

The next step is to pick your preferred payment method. Trusted RS gold sites usually accept various payment methods from credit cards to bank transfers and e-wallets. For this step, just select Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

Measure 5. Pay for your order

All you need to do is get the details provided from the RuneScape gold website you're purchasing the OSRS gold from and visit your pocket to move your Bitcoin payment.

Measure 6: Reach out to the support team

The website you're purchasing gold from should have a reliable support team in place. Most OSRS gold trades will require you to talk to an actual person so you can receive your gold. After completing the payment, then talk with the site's service representative and ask where in Gielinor can you fulfill to receive your gold purchase.

That's it! Should you ever face any kind of uncertainties or have some questions--you can get in touch with the internet customer service of your preferred RuneScape golden website.

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