FIFA 22 Division Rivals is where Ultimate Team and FIFA 22 Weekend League grafters can grind through the ranks to the top of the tree whilst racking up a mountain of rewards that can catapult your team to glory. In FIFA 22, Division Rivals is seeing a serious overhaul from previous games, which means seasons, ranks, rewards, and more will be changed.
Some new features to Ultimate Team, such as the FIFA 22 FUT Heroes, have been revealed already, but for Division Rivals? You've come to the right place. We've outlined exactly how the FIFA 22 Division Rivals system works right here, so you can make the most of the most popular mode in the game.
The typical ten-divisional system has been scrapped in FIFA 22 Division Rivals. Previously, players would be granted an ELO ranking, based upon seeding matches. Here, they would progress with points given for each win, or be relegated through losses, with no limit on how far they can fall or how high they can go.

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