Thread: What dinosaur do you like in The ARK?

Every Ark player may have a different purpose for playing, but there is always a kind of dragon that has a soft spot. Let’s talk about your favorite dinosaur.

My favorite, the cute and short-legged Dire Bear, has an attack second only to Rex, its speed is second only to Gallimimus, and its weight is second only to Diplodocus.The only fly in the ointment is that this guy is afraid of stones, so he is confused when he encounters stones with steps. Therefore, when you buy ARK Survival Evolved Items on , you must check the properties of the shell.

Also, Brontosaurus is a very large and powerful dinosaur. It belongs to herbivorous dinosaurs, but whether it is carnivorous or herbivorous, they all need black fruits for anesthesia. We can get food in-game or Buy ARK Items.

General dinosaur taming requires fists or slingshots. The dragons need to be tamed stun but don't kill them. The brontosaurus is huge, so you can only choose to use slingshots.