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Nadav Itzkowitz, or Blue Ban as he's also called, is the maker of the Your Mom's House digital broadcasts. Regularly, his chuckle is normal spot behind the scenes of 2 Bears 1 Cave, alongside his super sluggish Google search abilities.

Fans saw he was absent from the episode that dropped on January 25th, which has Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer affirmed toward the end.

"I miss Nadav's snicker," said Bert.

"A many individuals don't have the foggiest idea, Nadav's no longer with us," added Tom.

Bert Kreischer likewise tweeted that Nadav's spot is presently open before playfully welcoming a fan to come and test.

In the mid year of 2020, the web recording ran a comparative piece around Nadav being 'missing'. After the maker asked live for quite a while off because of wear out, the hosts started a running joke that he was missing when he didn't show up on air the next week.

"Addressed Sherrifs division. They're searching for Nadav. On the off chance that anybody can observe him, I'll give you his work. #FindNadav," tweeted Tom.

Be that as it may, Nadav before long got back to the show before the finish of July clarifying how he "re-energized" himself, so it's conceivable this could simply be reoccurring.
Nadav Itzkowiyz (Ymh) is an American personality who is well known for being your Mom’s Podcast producer. But as of recent news; Your Mom’s Podcast host Nadav was missing from the show on 25 January 2021. The hosts confirmed the news; Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura.. Shop Ymh Merch here!
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