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air vent

Industrial noise pollution can lead to issues such as hearing impairment and other physical symptoms, but it can also have an impact on mental health, with the continuous annoyance increasing stress levels, anxiety and fatigue. To combat this necessary evil, Ventx Industrial Silencers can offset this issue by enabling you to control noise levels from various kinds of machinery, including compressors, generators, duct work and fans. We make sure to carefully match our Ventx silencers to the specific application by using acoustic modelling software that works by analysing your system, so we can design and manufacture the perfect silencer for you. It is important to get the silencer right in order for them to work effectively without compromising the existing system. Ventx builds on over 40 years of acoustic knowledge and 35 years of quality manufacturing. Serving the needs of the Petro-Chem and Service Industries, Ventx manufacture solutions to Venting and Noise in pipe work. We provide our customers with a cost effective and practical solutions to their noise problem by providing custom built silencers.
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