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Exterior house painters

RM1 is a Construction Company that principally centers giving the best quality as
far as materials and client connections. We are a one of kind organization that
plans to give an interesting and astounding experience for everyone.We have a
broad selection of services that are available for all budgets, and all different
situations.Why should you choose RM1 Construction?Because we have more than
a decade of experience offering high quality foundation repair and seismic retrofit
services.Our clients have reached us as their all inclusive resource for all their
development needs and measured up to every one of their assumptions. Our client
support delegates will guide you to the suitable colleague in the Los Angeles
Contact one of our seismic retrofitting specialist by giving our office a call
to set up a free onsite inspection and estimate.You can contact us through:
Phone: (888) 788-8394
Adress: RM #1 Construction, Inc. 10289 West Pico Blvd 2nd Floor. Los
Angeles, CA 90064.
Seismic Retrofitting
Earthquakes in California are prevalent which is why seismic retrofitting is an
important element to add to a structure. Earthquake retrofitting makes it so that the
building stays up and does not collapse due to seismic activity. It is a must-have
improvement for any home or business to reduce damage and structural integrity.
The City of Los Angeles has implemented new ordinances for old buildings so
these need to be seismically retrofitted for it to be code-compliant.

Foundation Repairs
We know there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to a break in the foundation.
There can be many reasons a foundation may fail such as the soil losing or gaining
moisture or poorly built building pad construction; As such, these changes cause
movement and distress on the building and the foundation it is built upon. Drywall
cracks, increasing gaps in your doors, and sinking floors are serious problems that
can negatively impact a building’s safety and value. RM1 Construction has the
expertise and the ability to provide custom solutions to any type of foundation
Earthquake Retrofitting
Living in California, earthquakes are prone to happen more than you're even
aware of. Homes built before 1940 require proper earthquake retrofitting to
maintain the overall safety of the home. For homes built later than 1980 it is still
highly suggested to ensure your home is earthquake retrofit compliant. Ensuring
your home is Earthquake Retrofit compliant not only ensures the safety of you and
your home but also ensures the safety of surrounding homes or buildings.
Crawl Space Repairs
There are many different factors that come into play when you think of repairing
your crawl space beneath your home. Whether you fell victim to flooding, weather,
foundation cracking, an earthquake, mold, or simply old age, luckily RM1
Construction is there to bring high-quality crawl space repairs right to your front
door. Crawl Space repairs can be serious if not addressed immediately. If you are
noticing any unpleasant smells, mold or any physical damage to your home it's
important to call our team at RM1 Construction for a free onsite estimate and
inspection. Our crawl space repair specialist will be able to assess and properly
diagnose the root of the overlying problem with your home's crawl space.
Any foundation problems should be solved right away as leaving it alone can cause
more harm and be more costly to the building. The damage can also spread since
the foundation is weakened and moisture can enter further deteriorating the
wooden structure. Call us for an inspection before it’s too late.In RM1will be
pleased to assist you!
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