Thread: Embedded Software Development

Embedded software development is different from application software development. Most applications manipulate data - they store it, move it, display it, and perform calculations based on it. Applications are abstracted from the hardware they run on. The main task of the application developer is to implement the logic that provides the functionality of the application.
Embedded software is different in that each line of embedded code directly affects the hardware. It manipulates the hardware at the physical level, providing the logic of the device operation laid down by the developer. Embedded software developers must understand the features of the components used and their relationship to each other, which requires the ability to read the scheme of understanding datasheets and other documentation for electronic components, as well as the skills to use control and measuring equipment.
The development of firmware and embedded software requires experienced and competent specialists in this field. Softeq is one of those rare companies whose team consists of 75% senior and expert level engineers.
The Softeq team has worked closely with several high-tech innovators from the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Innovator list to solve complex problems including data processing and the development of intermediary modules between heterogeneous OS programs and hardware components as data sources.
The Softeq team is involved in a large number of projects for the development of electronic devices for individual customer orders. They follow a clear and well-established process - from creating simple concept sketches and a general vision of the product, to developing complete documentation and implementing the solution itself - which helps to exceed customer expectations in terms of the quality of the final product. Such a process includes the Development of a specification for the hardware. System architecture design and design. Creation of layouts, design and structure of printed circuit boards.
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