Thread: Stress kills me

Hello to all! How do you deal with stress? It drives me crazy, I have creative work and stress gets in my way. Any tips?
Due to the quarantine, I was in a similar situation. I write music, but nothing worked for me. Perhaps this is due to nerves, I was very worried about my parents, they work in the hospital. But I dealt with the stress with the best CBD oil UK from Blessed CBD Then it became easier, and I slowly began to turn back to music. And it saved me.
Patients below the legal age who have been found to benefit from medical marijuana will need to have a recommendation fro two state-licensed physicians
CBD has shown to have many therapeutic benefits. This is especially true for mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Read more about its benefits here:
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Great to read a lot of people here suggesting CBD, I use it myself as well. For me it works really well for stress, I started using it 1 year ago when I stopped smoking, which obviously brings in more stress. At this moment I do not even use it daily anymore, as it can be quite expensive to use. Luckily I have found a shop that sells CBD for a reasonable price and almost always has a sale going. If you want to order yourself, you should at least take a look at;
As with the other posters, I couldn't recommend CBD any more for stress, as it has worked absolute wonders for my anxiety, which in-turn has had countless benefits on my physical and mental wellbeing. The best CBD oil I have found is from a UK based company - - Check them out, you won't regret it!
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Instead of using CBD oil, you can also start learning how to grow your own CBD containing cannabis buds. Last year I did my first ever grow and it went perfect, I just used this "how to grow cannabis guide" which gives a very brief explanation on growing. The choice for me was some ruderalis seeds as they have a high CBD%, low THC% and grows easy in cold climate.
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Stress affects so many people. I, myself was really affected by stress at some point. But my friend asked me to try and I felt much better
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