Thread: How do I add MAC address to my HP Printer?

From three years, I am completing my printing tasks using HP printer. I am using an advanced printing machine for printing needs. I have broad knowledge of using all the functions of HP printer, so I am very pleased to use HP printer. Now, I want to add MAC address to my HP printer. Due to insufficient technical expertise, I am not able to add MAC address to my HP printer. I don’t have full knowledge about HP printer Mac address. Certainly, it is a very difficult job for me, so I look for expert’s help. Could anyone suggest the easy ways to add MAC address to my HP printer? Your suggestion would be admired.
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Follow the steps:-
You have to open the fast access button just by making the right click on the start option.
Seek for the command prompt and the finding it, easily click to open it.
In the command prompt dialogue box, enter, “ Arp-a” and the hit enter option.
Scroll down the result until you observe the IP address that you obtained from the above instructions of your printing device.
Finally, you will observe your printer’s MAC address. The MAC address format observes such as “00-1d-7e-e8-d7-27.”
Thereby by following all these above steps, you can find HP Printer’s MAC Address easily. Still, if you have any technical errors, you can call online HP Printer Tech Support team to get immediate support or help. Online printer experts are technically trained to solve your technical problems.
Hope this helps.