Thread: Love and online dating.

Where do people go on their first date? Go to a restaurant, go for a walk in the park, dance on the promenade, ride a bike, watch performances, play bowling...

How much all this is missing in online communication, when everything is static, there is no change of impressions, and the monotony is tiring. But this is how half the world lives now! If modern technologies allow you to sing online karaoke with world stars, then you can have a great time together, being in different parts of the world!

Prepare for an online date like a real one: put on a chic seductive dress, put on beautiful makeup.

The video broadcast format even allows you to adjust your appearance - you can find your best angle in advance, set the light correctly and even change the timbre of your voice, making it deeper and languid. By the way, do not forget about cleaning the room - a spectacular woman loses her attractiveness against the backdrop of a sloppy interior.

Let each of you prepare a treat for yourself (or even cook the same dish together online!), pour a glass of wine - and start a heart-to-heart conversation.

During online communication, do not forget to connect the charming female energy and seductiveness. They manifest themselves in the plasticity of the body, facial expressions, smile, gestures, voice ... Do not be afraid to show your sexuality - this awakens a "hunter" in a man, and he begins to want to conquer you. This is difficult to do while sitting in a chair, so arrange some activity that will help you move in front of the camera. For example, arrange a “journey” through your playlists and, if the song matches, dance together in front of the camera.
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