Thread: 6 Common Ways to Fix Asus Laptop Black Screen Error

Many times user facing the problem Asus Laptop Black Screen Error.Here article a guide how to Asus Laptop Black Screen Error follow the all steps and read carefull.

Switch the PC off (not rest or rest yet off).
Associate an outer screen to the PC.
Turn on the outside screen.
Turn on the PC.
NOTE: You might need to squeeze an "outside screen" button. Could be the f4 button or a button with two screens on it, for the outer screen to work.

In the event that you can see fine on the outside screen, then your appended show, or the strip link that associates it, are your concern.

In the event that you can't see on the outside screen by any stretch of the imagination, or the issue happens on the outer screen also, then, at that point, it is presumably the designs card/GPU that is the issue, which might require the motherboard be supplanted.

You may likewise need to take a stab at hitting CTRL + SHIFT + WIN + B to attempt to reset your designs driver as another conceivable fix.