Thread: What Should You Do If Your Spirit Air Call Isn't Answered?

Most typical passenger concerns, including as addressing inquiries regarding flight schedules and modifications, altering and cancelling tickets, adding services to your tickets, tracking down lost property or missing baggage, and aiding with special travel requests, may be resolved by Spirit Air customer care.

Don't give up if you're dissatisfied with (Spirit Air customer service) because your problem hasn't been fixed or your inquiries haven't been answered. You might still be able to do something:

Review the notes you took during the call first. You might be able to pinpoint areas of misunderstanding or misinterpretation that led to the failure of your customer support discussion.

Please return my call. Explain that this is your second call to the customer support agent and what type of resolution you'd want. Remember that customer support employees have varying levels of training and experience, and the person you speak with next may be in a better position to help you.

Try contacting Spirit Air using a different channel. Spirit Air provides text-based and email customer service, as well as social media platforms for interacting.

Contact your travel agent or any third-party travel booking agency you used to book your ticket if dealing with Spirit Air looks to be a bad idea. Your travel agency or a third-party travel business could be ready to help you out. Another alternative is to register a formal complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration. This is a long process, but if you're patient, it may pay off.

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