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To install an HP printer on any device (computer, phone, etc. ), you must first obtain the necessary HP printer driver. Selecting the right printer model before downloading the drivers is a simple way to accomplish this (Supporting Software).

To begin, turn on your wireless printer and utilise the touch screen display to wirelessly configure your HP printer.
Now hit the'setup' button on the touch screen and choose the 'network' option from the menu.
Then, from the ‘network' option, choose wireless network setup wizard. Your HP printer will now look for available wireless routers in the area. From the drop-down option, select your network.
Enter the network's WEP/WPA passphrase and then click "Done." To confirm the settings, hit ‘OK.' To print the wireless test report, press ‘OK' once again.
Your HP printer is now connected to the internet through wifi.
To complete the process, download and install the printer driver from the ( setup) page.

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