Thread: Bonus Workouts to build up your Strength or Agility bonuses

After the closed beta that gives the first glimpse, Madden 23 may have Madden 23 coins finally discovered the right career mode balance with Face of the Franchise. It is aided by some major changes from last year's game, just might get the show snatched away by Face of the Franchise: The League.

Face of the Franchise functions as a single player career mode of the Madden series and Madden 23 has been a step different from the last season's. While Madden 22 featured a fresh faced collegiate rookie theme as well as having players play through a game at a college level before being drafted into the NFL, things are entirely different this year.

Face of the Franchise: The League will instead begin new players at 5 years old. career as a QB, WR, CB, RB or MLB seeking a one-year "prove-it" deal with the organization you prefer. Strategy is a factor as early as the beginning as you may want a team where your player is a great fit for the team with a starter at your position or an organization that's already a playoff-ready team.

Your monetary offers will vary among teams with some teams with the greatest need providing higher in-game Cred as well as Cred per game for signing with them, a currency you can use to purchase gear for The Yard. You'll also earn Rep through various activities and in-game challenges which can be used as the XP you need to get to your current position.

The brand new FieldSENSE gameplay system is a highlight during Face of the Franchise as well as with the camera system that is focused on players enhance the experience. Cutscenes were a potential hindrance to gameplay in Madden 22. however they've changed the rules and achieved a much better balance in Madden 23. There are a few save creation cutscenes that setup the story, but once the season is rolling their "less is more" approach keeps them optional and short.

Side Activities were fairly minimal last year in Madden 22 offering only one per week. It was provided via a text chat with your trainer. There's actually a Side Activities screen that's this year with the option to select specific activities for every day of the week.

A few of the side games we've seen in the closed beta of Madden 23 include:

Andi's Outreach Opportunities, which gives Rep boost

Game Night which offers a team Awareness bonus

Prank War in which you share an act of pranking on a coworker to social media in order to gain credibility

Drills which you actually play in the practice

Bonus Workouts to build up your Strength or Agility bonuses

Extra Recovery, which can provide additional stamina

They've also introduced a change in the way that many of these games require energy and the only method to recover your energy is to have the days of the week without activities. This will present a fresh challenge as players have to choose when to push the limits in order to win and when they can risk not receiving bonuses to build endurance for a more difficult game later. There's much more to learn when we dig deeper both in the beta and at launch. We'll be discussing Madden Ratings Adjustor Chad Johnson and his interactions with your player in the race to be a part of in the 99 Club, but things appear to be looking good.
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