Thread: I'm glad you're still enjoying Elyon however. I would like to be able to do also.

Not really, the game has less than 1000 active players from EU and NA as a whole, and the PvP game is not very good at all and you have a huge hurdle to enter where you'll not be able to play with anyone for a couple of weeks at a minimum. Then you have the fact that due to the little players, there's not any skilled-based matchmaking system in place.

The words sum it up nicely. Even if you're having great fun playing the horrible PvP itself, you just always find yourself matched with players that are not able to beat in any way. I would recommend Lost Ark, it just looks like the top-down Elyon but it's not as mediocre, gameplay- and performance-wise. Especially the endgame PvE and PvP content is very well-designed.

However, top-down isn't for everyone. I had play through until around the 30th level, when I started to enjoy the game. I enjoyed the gameplay of Elyon however, I would not recommend it. It's possible to grind for a few months before getting to an area where you could compete in PvP.

If you prefer, you can instead, Lost Ark for a few hours to gain access to PvP queues, where stats and skill points are separated from PvE. Both games are mechanically excellent and both are enjoyable, however Lost Ark has 1000 fewer issues.

Meanwhile, I played Lost Ark for 10 hours or so, and am still stuck on the huge instructional island (not actually the tutorial ), but the continent that follows it) where you're able to go to "kill 3 spiders" / "talk about the cooking" adventures for hours on end, and decided to skip another 10+ hours waiting to determine if it begins to be fun. Elyon however has me hooked by its non-smiling way of handing out eight optional "kill 10-20 Lizardmen" quests right away and killing things for more than six seconds at an time.

However I'm not an avid PVP player, and yet there aren't many players playing that I would wish to get ganked every once in a while. 10 hours is a long time however, I may be not remembering. Evidently, 10-hours is the record speedrun for the level 50. but you only need level 26 in order to get PvP in Lost Ark. You've admitted that you don't like PvP, but that's the point the discussion. I'm glad you're still enjoying Elyon however. I would like to be able to do also.

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