Thread: The latest update for Lost Ark was delayed by couple of hours

How to Start Lost Ark Thronespire and its requirements

To get started with Thronespire within Lost Ark, players will be required to locate the entrance that's scattered across all the major cities in the game. But before that, you must meet a certain set of requirements to be eligible for the Thronespire Dungeon:

It is essential to have completed the main challenge of Punika.

Requires item level 1325 as well as the combat level to be 50.

Have completed the Towards Power quest.

If you meet these requirements and you're ready to face off a variety of opponents. Once you've entered the dungeon you'll encounter a variety of normal monsters that are fairly easy to defeat. As you keep progressing through the floors and levels, the monsters will get more powerful.

In accordance with the rules, players are given seven minutes to complete each level. Each level has four gates. At the conclusion of each gate you must defeat an Elite. The good news is that you can have unlimited lives and the respawn time of 5 seconds. Then, you'll encounter an ultimate boss at the beginning of the Thronespire dungeon.

"Lost Ark's Wrath Of The Covetous Legion Update delayed due to "Critical Issue"

The latest update for Lost Ark was delayed by couple of hours. In the Official Lost Ark Twitter account warned of a "critical problem" which caused the delay without offering any further details on what the issue could be. As of the time of writing, both the North and South America servers are back in operation, as is the European Central servers. Europe West is expected to resume at 7 PM CST.
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