Thread: Madden NFL 23 matches you played with vases or whatever else

The Yard's World Tour includes four fields at start, and each features a different set of players: Here, the players all hail from South Florida, a hotbed of NFL talent. You're playing in the parking lot of this home of Green Bay, along with your players are Packers and stars by the NFC North. Sounds cool. It's a forward operating base for the U.S. armed forces, along with your squad is composed of NFL Blend celebrities. This one gets the feel of this ol' NFL Europe in it. You're playing the Brandenburg Gate, in the Berlin landmark, along with your players are all Pro Bowlers. These places all seem cool. Playing soccer in one of those European strongholds of football sounds neat.

However, I was hoping for something much more... homey here. I cherish my memories of gathering my brother and bunch of friends together and enjoying a pickup game. Oftentimes, these matches took place. Or the Madden NFL 23 matches you played with vases or whatever else you could find to donate the end zones. Games in which someone's dog may run in and steal the ball. I expected more customization to the turf, As soon as I learned of a backyard football mode. Kellams took on my concerns. "When you look at The Yard, with the equipment and NFL stars included, it makes sense that the Madden NFL 23 games have a bit more'production value' to them; however, we certainly see the appeal of this'sand lot' for what it signifies," he explained on email, noting the allure of playing large mud bowl games too.

One of the aspects of pick soccer is it may be whatever you would like it to be. So technically, The Yard checks this box. It's more open play, principles that are different, and a distinct field. It seems interesting, especially to those people who do not grind Madden how we used to however miss playing football on the sofa (and who dread we may not get soccer of any stripe on TV this year). It does look fun, and I'm excited to provide this a spin with my children. I playing in the mud, getting all my buddies together and'm only bringing the expectations of my nostalgia. And no movie game, however good, can replicate this.
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