Thread: The process of requesting a trade in NBA 2K23 is quite

The process of requesting a trade in NBA 2K23 is quite different from other games. Before attempting to trade, players need to have their character be a starter. After completing 10 games with the team they were signed by. Once you reach this point, a cutscene will be played where players meet with their GM for a discussion about the move up to starter. Then, it'll take a little time in order to finish the procedure but there are many ways to communicate that need to be selected in order to complete the trade quickly.

The next step is when Kendrick Perkins uploads a video that discusses trade rumors and bad-mouthing the player. After viewing the video, Ricky will ask the player to either confirm or deny the story. Choose, "Yes. I'd like to begin anew elsewhere," to continue with the trade request.

You can play the next game to cause a cutscene to play where the player is in a uncomfortable contact with their teammate who is also hearing the same rumors. In order to speed things up from here, players are able to play games one at a time while they wait for each step to be accessible.

In the case of agents players will be able to pick their top three picks for the trade. The character is usually offered an offer from their initial selection, so it is best to choose an team of highly-rated players that match the character's talents. Making a decision to be aggressive with the trade will speed up the process.
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