Thread: Tablet Coating Defects and Remedies

Tablet coating defects and remedies are the crucial concern of a pharmaceutical formulation scientist. The last critical step in the tablet production cycle is tablet coating after solving problems in core tablet manufacturing. After finding the tablet coating defects and their remedies, you will successfully complete the tablet production cycle. So, read this article about tablet coating defects and remedies to identify and solve your coating problems.

Tablet coating is the application of a coating composition in a moving bed of tablets with the concurrent use of heated air to facilitate the evaporating of the solvent and with the intention of conferring benefits and properties to the dosage form over the uncoated variety. Mainly, tablet coating is to be done for masking unpleasant taste and odor, protection, identification, improvement of patient compliance, and delivering to the targeted part of GIT.
List of tablet coating defects and remedies
Blooming/Dull film
Chipping/ Edge Erosion
Color variation
Core Erosion/ Surface Erosion
Logo Bridging
Logo In-filling /Break Lines In-filling
Orange Peel (Roughness)
Sticking and Picking
Scuffing of Film-coated Tablets
Tablet Breakage