Thread: How do I make a bar graph on a Mac?

Creating a Basic Bar Graph

1. Create a new document. Charts work in both word processing and page layout documents, but we use a page layout document in this example.
2. Click the Charts button on the toolbar.
3. Select the first type of chart, called a column chart.
4. You should see a sample chart. Instead of starting with a blank chart, like you do with with tables, you’ll always get sample data when starting a new chart so that you have something to start with.
5. The Chart Data Editor should also appear as a separate window. If it does not, you can choose Format, Chart, Show Data Editor.
6. To add another item to the chart, click the Add Column button.
7. Add a label for that item by double-clicking the header cell in the table.
8. Add data for that item.
9. You’ll see a new item appear in real time as you use the Chart Data Editor.

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