Thread: I came across RuneScape's notorious bug

Looking through the old journals was a journey into my personal RuneScape past; I wrote down levels, achievements, discoveries and mishaps, including my first visit to Varrock. Aware of my low combat proficiency, and fearful of being killed by the hand of monsters more powerful than me, I opted to keep to the routes to protect me from creatures that lurk in the dark world.

It was, in fact the wrong choice, and it proved disastrous as I made my way to the city's southern gate and was confronted by the dark wizards who linger nearby. (Really could you ask what they are paid. Varrock guards get paid). ...) after having had my fill of Varrock, I carefully plotted my departure with the hope of avoiding a murderous surprise which I then had to endure an near-death encounter as a result of the actions of one of the highwaymen near Port Sarim.

Investigating further, I found Pest Control strategies and how I came across RuneScape's notorious bug, The Falador Massacre. The 5th of June, 2006 when Cursed You celebrated becoming the first player to achieve Level 99 Construction with a party in his player-owned house.

Lag, however, caused him to boot everyone out and, when he left the area, players who had been inside the ring for combat realized that they were able, due to an unknown glitch in the construction skill coding that allowed them to attack anyone outside the designated PvP area. Since their victims couldn't retaliate in the time it took for the chaos was recorded into RuneScape history.

There were annotated notes on my string that were money-making strategies that were stapled to the side of a page. To summarise, I spent weeks pacing among the flax field spinning wheel, the flax field of Seers' Village in complete monotony before completing the process until I was able to successfully reprogram my brain to be more fun. The outcome was a summer developing my Construction skill . It was well worth it.

It's fascinating to look back at my various play styles I've participated in over the years; from running boss runs to running a roleplaying clan , to hours of training which I've used to accomplish an achievement.

In the present, I prefer to play at a slower pace, not using any items that can increase the amount of XP that I earn so I can enjoy my long trek to level up. I read a lot while doing so . It's peaceful to hear the clink of my mattock or pickaxe as background sound.
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