Thread: NBA 2K23 has a number of solid Ruby players who could assist

The Limited Edition 4 Pack is on sale, introducing six brand new Dark Matter units to collect. Following the news of Dark Matter Chris Bosh hitting NBA 2K23 2K Sports announced the arrival of 99-overall Dark Matter units Alonzo Mourning, Glenn Robinson, Carmelo Anthony, Damian Lillard, and Jimmy Butler.

The packs are available for one week only, and players buying the 20-pack box will receive one of Anthony, Lillard, Butler or Bosh, but the obtained unit will be non-auctionable. Each card can provide an enormous boost to a player's lineup, whether it's some help collecting points from the 3-point line or crucial defensive plays in the closing minutes of the game.

Week 3 of MyTeam Limited introduces a new challenge , as well as a Dark Matter unit that fans can vote on whom that player will be. To enter the challenge, players can only play Northwest Division players, and up to one Pink Diamond, one Diamond, and one Amethyst can be used.

The other players have to be Ruby-tiered or lower, but NBA 2K23 has a number of solid Ruby players who could assist with this challenge and improve their chances to complete this task down. Also the Free Agent as well as Heat Check cards can be played, which is one of the guidelines to be used in this type of competition.
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