Thread: Lost Ark have been revealed in a blog post

"We want to give more players time to make it to the top of the list before introducing Legion Raids (the definitive Lost Ark raiding experience) and to ensure that players have the ability to explore Arkesia and advance in their own way without feeling pressured into racing towards final game content."

Therefore, you can expect that Guardian Raid - Deskaluda and Legion Raid - Valtan quests will tentatively release in May.Other items added to the game will comprise Trial Guardian Raids and general bug fixings. Read the complete blog post for all the details.Our Lost Ark review stated that the flashy combat will eventually wear thin, therefore this new content is a welcome addition for long-term players.

Lost Ark roadmap reveals the coming two classes

The next few months in the form of planned updates of Lost Ark have been revealed in a blog post(opens in new tab). The most interesting additions include two new advanced classes. The first, which will be available in April is the glaivier. This is fighter who engages in polearm combat (in the Korean version, she's referred to as the lance master). The glaivier is able to switch between a flurry-like stance using spears, and a focused one-handed stance using the longer glaive. She can even summon whirlwinds as well as teleport. In May she'll be joined the destroyer, a warrior with an inconceivably large hammer that can hit the ground so hard that it can launch rock spikes(opens in new tab) that strike enemies. Additionally, his hammer shoots lightning.
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