Thread: Tutorials that everyone should know for mobile and tablet repairs

After buying an Android smart phone or tablet, the first thing anyone does is to enter the settings and software update section of their Android phone to install the latest software update of their phone model and from the features provided by the mobile or tablet manufacturer. Adds to the programs section to use.

Where can I download the software update file?
The best way to get ROM or flash file for mobile and tablet is website. This website provides the latest files and necessary training for repairs to the users of Android phones so that users can easily solve their problems.

Those who use Samsung phones and want to update them can download the desired file for their Samsung phone model in the Samsung ROM download section of this website.

How to get the latest Android phone update
Well, the question that arises for the user is what can I do to update my phone? There are other methods that are supported by manufacturers such as Huawei and Samsung! The fact that these companies release the ROM or flash file of the phones they produce in the form of a file to solve software problems or new features so that the user can achieve what he wants with this method.

Unlock Samsung screen lock without data loss
It may have happened to you that during the use of your Android smartphone for several years, you have saved a large number of files, photos, videos, sms or contact numbers of many friends and acquaintances in your phone. Now lock screen for your mobile phone Pin | Password | Pattern | Fingerprint You activate facial recognition and after a while you will forget these locks and you will be left with mobile phone locks and you will not be able to open these locks anymore!

Don't worry, Aria ROM releases files that fix the Samsung screen lock problem! That is, it is enough to search your phone model on the website and get the Samsung screen lock file for your phone model and flash it on your phone using the instructions on the website so that the locks will be unlocked as soon as possible.

What is frp or google account lock?
After Android 5 or Android Lollipop, which is called Android Lollipop in English, was released in 2014, many parts of Android changed and its security became higher than before, and one of the most important parts was phone security, which in addition There is a feature called FRP lock (factory reset protection).

Why is our phone locked to Gmail account?
By synchronizing or connecting your Gmail to your Huawei phone, the security of your phone increases by one step, because when the phone is factory reset or flashed, after the Android smart system is activated, it will ask you for the Gmail you have already entered, and if you do not enter it, Your phone will not be activated in any way and you will no longer be able to use your phone! But don't worry, there are various frp lock removal files that you can burn on your phone and easily remove all types of locks.

What is a combination file?
One of the techniques of downgrading and unlocking the frp lock of Samsung phones is the combination method. Samsung company activates locks and restrictions on its phones for greater security of the phones it produces so that no one can damage the Samsung phone! But this high security sometimes becomes a problem for the user and it is enough to create a bug that even the user himself cannot fix. Now, a group of computer developers are editing the ROMs of Samsung phones and putting codes in it so that the phone's security is slightly lower and the mobile repairman can use it to fix the problem. By flashing the combination file, you can bypass the FRP lock limit and solve this problem.

frp lock point test method
Using this method, you can easily unlock the frp lock of your Huawei MediaTek phone, and the only difference is that it is necessary to open the back cover of the phone and connect two points of the phone using a wire (which is in The file you receive is a screenshot of the connection point in the package)

What is a hard dump?
The emmc dump file or boot repair is a set of files that are taken from the safe phone in question by using the boxes available in the market. After replacing the hard drive, until the phone itself or the desired phone model that something happened to it or the phone hard drive is burned and the repair work is forced to replace the hard drive, it is necessary to dump the desired phone model hard drive on the phone hard drive using the box Burn it so that the phone can be used.

When do we need to replace the phone's hard drive?
The most time when the phone needs a new hard drive and a dump file is when the hard drive of the phone in question is partially burned, which happens because the phone user hits the phone body or over the course of months and years. It enters all kinds of virus files into the hard drive of the phone, which gradually causes the hard drive of the target phone to fail.