Let's start with a simple understanding of what an abstract is? It is an academic and research paper that a student performs on a topic. There is no practical chapter in this work, and therefore it is not necessary to conduct any experiments, analyses, and surveys. The student only needs to gather material on the topic, study it, revise it, and write the abstract. The student will have to review the scientific problem and also show how it has been studied by researchers of previous years and how the views have changed to date.

Usually, professors do not teach students how to do abstracts properly. They think it should have been done by the school. We, the students, become the victims in this case. But you don't have to worry. Why? Because teachers do not look particularly at the content and the text. They just check the work for plagiarism, and if a student has passed the acceptable threshold - 55-60% uniqueness, then his essay counted. And in some universities, it is enough just to bring an essay on sheets, and you can get credit.

Where to start?

If you want to learn how to write an abstract in one day, our service recommends that you prepare for serious work. Devote at least 2-3 hours or the whole day to your work. You need to immerse yourself in your topic, maneuver between different literary sources. Tell all your family and friends not to be distracted, close all social media, and refuse to watch short videos.

We don't recommend downloading or buying an abstract. Most likely, you won't be able to pass a plagiarism check. Even if you order to write a finished abstract in 1 day, who can guarantee that it will not be downloaded from an open resource? Even if it turns out to be at the last minute, you won't be able to prepare on your own and will have to turn in debt in the future. To avoid such a thing, we recommend that all students write an essay on their own. After all, even if you can write a term paper in a week, you can cope with the essay much faster and easier.

 Find sources for writing an abstract

The second step of writing an essay in one day is to be sure to find suitable literary sources. Most often these are scientific articles, monographs, textbooks, and manuals. You can look at the literature, which is given by the teacher in the list of topics. However, if there are no options, you will have to look for them yourself. First of all, we recommend turning to digital libraries. Here you can find scientific articles on the topic or by keywords. We also recommend that you turn to the site of ready-made term papers and essays, but not in order to download a ready-made work, but to see the list of references in the works with a similar topic. You can also just google your topic of the essay and get several ready-made reference lists.

Prepare an outline of the contents of the abstract

Next, you need to prepare a plan for how you will write your essay. In it, you must prepare large chapters. They should be logically consistent. You should try to cover your topic gradually. To begin writing the abstract is necessary with the introduction. This part of the abstract is a description of the entire paper. You must explain why the topic is important for science and society, and why it might be of interest to other studies. Maybe your paper reveals an important problem in contemporary society. For example, the high level of aggression on the Internet, the high rate of depression among young people, the low level of education across the country, etc. Always try to ask yourself what will be useful for your work. From this question, you can find all the answers.

How to write the main part of the abstract

The main part of the abstract is the most voluminous. Here you should write at least 7 pages. We recommend that you open all sources, as well as sites with interesting articles. This will help you gather more information. Try to highlight useful information from the sources. And then paraphrase some fragments and add them to your work. Remember that an abstract is more of an overview of the different views of researchers. Therefore, you need to cite more often in the text. Anti-plagiarism citations are allowed, but only up to 25% of the whole text. Supplement other people's quotations and borrowings with your comments. Be sure to disclose and explain the thesis statement. You must bring each statement to your topic and to your thoughts. You can agree or disagree with the author. You should also compare the former situation with the current situation and identify the difference. After each chapter and each paragraph, make brief conclusions. Answer the questions: what did I learn? What conclusion can I draw? How is this information important for today?

The main body of the paper is important to the abstract, but the instructor rarely reads it in its entirety. Usually, he runs his eyes over the text and reads only the introduction and conclusion. Why? Because students usually copy the main body from different sources and combine them into one text. This method has been practiced by students for a very long time, and it is still effective. Thus, if you want to write an abstract in one day, you need to stick to the good old tradition and rely on all available sources.

Conclusion of the abstract 

The conclusion of the abstract is the last thing you will need to write yourself. Here you will need to put together the introduction, the conclusions of the main part, and express from this the conclusion.So, in this article, we told you how to write an essay by yourself in one day. We hope that our tips will help you, and you will be able to cope with the task quickly and easily. Use useful literature sources more often and add your own conclusions
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