Thread: advancedmd

There's little that can't be accomplished with a few hard funds and a solid set of tools, also with this foundation in mind we have introduced several much-requested usability improvements in the Currency Pouch and Tool Belt. In the bottom of the mini-map port, you will see a small icon depicting a pile of coins. From now on, coins can be stored here rather than in your inventory, if you would prefer. You can right-click coins to add them into the cash pouch from your stock. Bear in mind that coins are secure from being dropped on death unless they are in your inventory when you die in the Wilderness.

The application belt icon can be located in the bottom right of your outfitted stock interface. Most tools can be added to this belt, so they can be used whenever you need them without taking up inventory space. To add a tool to the belt, then right-click onto it from your inventory. For specific tools, like pickaxes and hatchets, only a bronze item can be stored. While the instrument belt will not replace your shiny dragon equipment, it's great for performing diverse skilling jobs on the fly. We'll be adding functionality to this later on, including support for Dungeoneering.

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