Thread: The league's best pitcher is unfair for the walk given to Choi Ji-man... "Anyways, it's a bummer"

[SPOTV News = Reporter Kim Tae-woo] Garrett Cole, the ace of the New York Yankees and the most expensive pitcher in the league, was cruising in a game against Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field on the 29th (Korea Standard Time).

Although there was not enough support for scoring, it was still closing the sixth inning with a 1-0 lead. He caught both outcounts, and the only thing left was to deal with Choi Ji-man (Tampa Bay), who is particularly strong with him. Although he was absolutely inferior in his opponent's record, he did not allow on-base in the previous two at-bats and found confidence.

First, he got two strikes and dominated the advantageous count. However, Choi Ji-man also held out by hitting a foul, and calmly picked the ball and played a full count match. Here, Cole threw a ball of good riddance. He hit a 99-mile four-seam fastball on the seventh pitch (about 159.3 kilometers) high as a left-handed batter. For Choi Ji-man, the ball was bound to look very far away.

He threw the ball on a course that could induce a batter's swing in the full count, and Choi Ji-man did not respond. At the moment of the catch, catcher Trevino stepped back toward the dugout as if he were sure to strike out. Cole also thought he was striking out. But the referee's hand didn't go up. Cole had no choice but to panic for a while.

The situation has been strange since this walk. Cole, who did not finish the inning, allowed Franco a walk and was driven to first and second base with two outs. Here, Arosarena hit a timely hit and allowed a tie. He did not give up the reversal, but Tampa Bay gained momentum. After reversing the game by scoring one point in the seventh and one point in the eighth inning, he came from behind to win 3-1.

"I thought it was the third strike after Garrett Cole threw a 99-mile fastball to Choi Ji-man, and I thought the sixth inning was over," the official Major League Baseball website ( said. "His teammates stopped moving to the away team dugout." After the match, Cole did not hide his regret over the decision.

Cole reacted so sensitively that he yelled at referee Edwin Moskoso, "You missed it (strike)." "It was a bit of a bummer anyway," Cole said.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone disagreed with the opinion that one of the decisions provided an opportunity for Cole to falter. Coach Boone said, "I don't think Cole rattled Choi Ji-man's walk. I think I was just trying to pitch him."

However, if the walk was struck out, the game could have changed because the sixth inning was also scoreless. Although there were no hits or home runs, it was a day when the name Choi Ji-man was imprinted in Cole's head again.

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